Classroom Management

Classroom Teaching/Monitoring

NetOp Vision Standard

The easiest and most effective way to teach with computers, Vision is the popular classroom management software that has been proven to improve student performance.

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NetOp Vision Pro

Introducing Vision Pro, the powerful new classroom management solution that combines ease of use with enhanced features for best in class performance.

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Vision for Chromebooks

Vision for Chromebooks is a great tool for the teacher to monitor and manage Chromebooks in the classroom and for students learning remotely. Includes features such as monitoring, supervision, demonstration, blank screen, lock keyboard/mouse, internet filtering and more.

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LanSchool is a classroom management software designed for all operating systems and offers a comprehensive set of features for both educators and administrators for productive, collaborative learning.

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GoGuardian allows schools to monitor student activity online, filter content, teaching/monitoring and alert school officials to possible sensitive situations such as suicide or self-harm. All devices are supported, including Windows and Chromebooks.

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Impero Education Pro

From a single, intuitive interface, you have the tools at hand to better manage your networked computers, peripherals and users. Utilizing Impero gives you the power to control your computers and ensure they are being used for the right reasons.

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