Power Management for your Network

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Product Overview

Creating an effective energy conservation policy is a financial and environmental priority for organizations today. Computers that are left running unnecessarily after work hours are both a drain to the pocket book and the carbon footprint.

Administrators are therefore, turning to more effective solutions for managing energy consumption in the workplace. enPowerManager provides an effective method for energy management across an enterprise. With a simple click of the mouse, computers can be remotely shutdown or booted.

This function can also be scheduled to force a shutdown of the computers at a specific time or schedule a boot of the computers at the beginning of a work day. Conserve energy, reduce costs, and help protect the environment—all from the central CurrentWare console.


Remotely shutdown, restart and boot computers

enPowerManager gives you the ability to remotely control the power functions of your workstation. You can shutdown the computers after hour from a remote location. As an administrator, you can restart the computer after a software deployment or patch upgrade.

Schedule shutdown, and booting

enPowerManager gives you the facility to schedule the the time slot to perform remote shutdown, restart and log off. Govern the energy usage of all workstations and laptops across the enterprise remotely from the CurrentWare console. Remotely shutdown, restart and boot computers from the central CurrentWare console. Schedule the shutdown of workstations and laptops during off hours, resulting in noticeable savings in energy costs. Schedule the booting (Wake On Lan ) of systems at the start of work times.