The GUI Test Tool for Java, Web and Windows Applications

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Testing on the below platforms


Robust component recognition

Stable tests
QF-Test masters complex elements like dynamic trees and tables. The tests are tolerant to UI changes. The sophisticated recognition mechanism leads to extraordinary maintainability and low maintenance effort the most important factor in software test automation. Objects like buttons or text fields are abstracted and recognized easily by generic components.

Record, Replay & Edit

Creation of the automated tests without programming
You can create and replay your first tests easily via record/replay. The tests are fully editable and can be modified at any place in the execution path. The test run is  presented in a clear tree structure.

Flexibility via scripting

Jython, Groovy and Javascript
QF-Test is based on Java this is the reason why you can create tests in the common scripting languages JythonGroovy and JavaScript. Any Java Code or Javascript code is executable in the Browser. They make you can realize complex checks and actions.