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Restart and Restore Hard Drive Protection Software

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Product Overview

SmartShield in conjunction with the SmartControl Resource Manager server software, enables network administrators to easily maintain their workstation integrity and keep their network under control.

With SmartShield protection enabled, all changes made to a machine are removed upon system restart. This makes unwanted system changes an impossibility.

SmartShield simplifies administrators’ lives by reducing downtime, streamlining management and providing complete protection from Malware and malicious users - all in a single, easy to use product.


Reboot / Restore Technology

SmartShield Education preserves and protects PC configurations from all changes a user makes during an individual session. After every restart, the workstation is back to its original state. This allows administrators to easily standardize and maintain their workstation images across their organization indefinitely.

Remote Execute

Through the SmartControl Resource Manager, an administrator is able to remotely execute scripts on a SmartShield client.

Advanced Scheduling

From the SmartControl Resource Manager, an administrator is able to automate and schedule tasks to run on SmartShield clients.

Advanced port blocking

The powerful port blocking feature lets administrators specify which types of devices to allow via USB communication ports as well as Firewire.

Client stealth mode

Stealth Mode conceals all traces of the client from users on a workstation. Administrators can access the SmartShield GUI via pre-assigned hotkeys.

Persistent Storage

Administrators can create a persistent storage drive which allows users to save important data without disabling protection.

Keyboard and Mouse blocking

Administrators can block Keyboard and mouse access locally on the client workstation or remotely using the SmartControl Resource Manager.

Command Line Utility

Access SmartShield functionality via the command line or through the use of scripts or scripting utilities.