Remote control your desktop from anywhere

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Save time, money and resources by elimintating the need for IT staff to travel, reducing system down time, and improving the efficiency of your organization.

Product Overview

Netop Remote Control provides one intuitive interface for complex remote maintenance and user support across more platforms and devices than any other remote control product.

Netop Remote Control features industry leading encryption and the most comprehensive security system on the market. And when it comes to security you are in charge; you decide who can delete files, upload new files, change system settings, etc. You can rest assured that your remote sessions and vital information are safe from unauthorized access.


Take control of any computer

Take over screen, mouse and keyboard in real time with impressive performance. Connect to many computers at once or let several supporters connect to one user.

Perform complex remote management

Manage services, command prompt, registry event viewer, disk information, etc.

Communicate to the user

Send messages, chat using text, audio or video to communicate with end users to solve incidents faster.

Stretch the limits of remote control

Remote control before the operating system has been loaded. Force reboot. Change BIOS. Install a new OS. Perform all of these tasks from your remote computer.

Collect software and hardware information

Remotely scan computers for an impressive list of software and hardware information, making troubleshooting easier.